Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little birdie told me that Terressa Thornock is having a 
......BAby ShowEr!    I.            If you're on this blog, you should have received an invitation by now. . . but if you haven't and would like to, please leave a comment and I'll "fly" one over to your house!                 

So, mark your calendars for                                        .         .             SAturdAy, August 27th At 1:00 in RExburg  
If you have any questions, just let me know!  Feel free to RSVP here and leave comments for me or for Terressa!   I'll post directions to the shower a couple of days before the big event.

Wondering what to give this cute Mamma Bird?
Terressa says she needs:
·     Diapers and Wipes
·     PJ’s in size 3-6 month and bigger (she prefers the cotton kind with feet)
·     PINK, PINK, PINK! (Just kidding! I just put that in there for Jake)
·     Comfortable one piece outfits (for the baby, not for her—although can you imagine how adorable she would look in a romper?)
Practical Items like nursing pads, lotion, etc.


JT42 said...

Preferably pampers brand, but I won't complain ;)
And by chance, if anyone knows of anyone trying to get rid of a double jogging stroller I would LOVE to get my hands on one :) thanks ladies.

Kimber said...

Terressa, I know you are miserable and don't feel like it but you are one beautiful pregnant lady! I love that baby belly! I had to refrain from rubbing your tummy the other night :D

Kimber said...

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . RSVP . . . I'll be there!

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

I'm so excited for your shower Terressa! You looked so cute at Bunco. I'm sorry I couldn't stay and chat. Can't wait for Saturday!!

Nae said...

COME TO THE BABY SHOWER EVERYONE!! she would love to see all your smiling faces and relax and laugh with all her friends and family!! she does deserve a party!
P.S. I'm her little sister that lives with her :)

T said...

I'm sad that I am missing out on all of this! Wish I could come. You look amazing! I love and miss you.... Take care, and I'm thinking of you.

ValaRae said...

Just found out we are NOT leaving town this weekend! YEE HAA! That means I get to come. I can't wait to celebrate your baby glory with a "hoot n hollerin" party and Sarah d's!